Sunday, July 25, 2010

Burning River 100 Section V

Yesterday I ran section V of the Burning River 100 course.  This is the last section of the course beginning at the Memorial Parkway Station, then following the High Bridge trail and ending up in downtown Cuyahoga Falls.  I ran it there and back from my house as I am about a half mile from downtown.  Some of it is technical, some delicious mud and grass, and some road.  I ran it in the late afternoon at the height of the heat.  I ran through the Italian fest and dunked my head in the fountain both there and back - had to knock a few kids out of the way to get my own spout, but they got back up.  The heat didn't slow me down as much as the rocks and gravel.  I taped up my foot for precaution, and it helped, but it is still sensitive.  My lack of mileage over the last few months also slowed me down.  I walked a lot.  Barefoot Jason will run the entire 101.1 miles barefoot (and in a kilt) next weekend.  He's got my complete admiration and respect.

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