Friday, April 30, 2010

Morning Run

Pepper and I went for a morning run.  Couldn't sleep last night (damn Broad Street train crossing) so I woke up early, did the dishes and went for a run.  I have been fortunate to have the luxury to run just about any time in the day (no job) so I usually plan a late morning or mid afternoon run.  That way, breakfast or lunch has settled.  There is a lot to do today, so I decided to take care of the run early.  I ran before breakfast and coffee and was surprised how solid I felt.  I didn't feel as if I were out of gas as I thought I might.  I did get hungry, however.  But it was a short run, so no worries.

We ran the Glens trail and then CF streets.  The first 2.1 miles were at a 12.2 min/mi pace - there was a steep stairway climbing out of the park back to city streets that I had to walk up.  And the trail was "technical" so that leads to slower times.  The second 2.16 miles were at a 10.0 min/mi pace - a negative split.  How about that!  The second part was a little fartlikish as well.  Overall pace was 11.1 min/mi.

So that was the last run of the month, but not of the week.  I plan to run in Cinci tomorrow.  It was a low mileage month as well.  I ran twice as far in February.  And no race this month.  Hmm.  I need to change that for next month.  I have a few in mind but haven't confirmed them yet.

That's all for now.  Happy Friday!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Flagstone Sidewalks

The silver Lake circuit was pleasant today.  Pepper and I ran 6.3 through Waterworks Park and around Silver Lake.  Conditions were perfect: 50 deg F, sunny.

Some random thoughts:
* I hate lawns that don't have dandelions.  I won't run on them.  Too much support of Dow or Monsanto.
* Mostly, it's rich people that have signs in their lawn reading "no government health care."
* I love running on flagstone sidewalks.
* I'm slow.
* Pepper loves running, and sniffing, and squatting.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Broke 500

Yep, it's true!!! 500 Lifetime Miles!!!

Most have been barefoot.  Some have been with the vff's - winter - cold - wet.

500 is a milestone.  When I get to the numbers Dan is at, that will be an accomplishment.  But the 500  have been an interesting journey.  Most have been solitary, save for the Pepper - she IS my running buddy.  A few have been with friends.  I've run races with strangers.  All runs have been positive.

Pepper & I ran an easy 3.6 today.  Down to the Glens tail & back. It was a beautiful run: 6-7pm 60 deg F, we had the trail to ourselves.  I've since learned that a trail with rocks, roots and other impediments is considered a "Technical Trail."  Cool, I've been running these from the start . . . though not very fast.

Cavs suck!

Monday, April 19, 2010


Pepper & I ran down to Glens trail today.  The total rout was 4 miles.  We ran Glens trail downhill - following the river - and then ran back home on CF city streets.  I was trying to run the trail portion as fast as possible.  Because it's fun getting to the edge of out of control (ooc) downhill.  I wasn't quite ooc but the thought was to get there.

We ran across some college students on a field trip.  Probably U of Akron (proximity) and freshmen geology (due to the cooing from the girls at Pepper and the fresh Fraternity shirts).  Glens trail is a wonderful place to study geology.  I'm not an expert, but I have always found the rock formations intriguing.

Glens Trail is about 0.8 miles long, one way.  After running it, I found the tootsies were a little sore, so instead of returning on the same trail, and consequently scarring the few immature students who freaked out at Pepper and scarred her, I decided to run home on city streets.  It was very pleasant.  And it turned out to be another beautiful day here in North East Ohio.  What happened to our normal rainy April?

BTW, the radishes are looking awesome and we're about 2 weeks away from greens.

If anyone is interested: I have for sale a '99 Silverado extended cab 2wd, 230K and a bad transmission - does run in 1st, 2nd & R.
Also a 2000 Mustang convertible, 118k, 5 speed manual, runs great. A little rust and a 10 year old roof.  Check out Akron Craigslist, call and give me the cash.  I love Craigslist.

GO CAVS!!!!!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Saturday Sun

Sunny today.  Ran 5 at a decent pace.  Gotta do taxes.  Cars suck.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Beansprout Review

My dear sister Booler sent me a gift over the weekend.  I had told her I was looking for a small camera for my runs and she found these beansprouts on

As you can see, it's a small and has a carabiner  for easy attachment.  It takes small pictures ~ 75k on the hi-res setting and has a capacity of 26 pics at this setting.  You can chose a compressed format to increase the number of pics.  This size is about perfect for blogs.  And 26 pics is enough for an average run.  The camera takes 1.4mp shots - very small when compared to today's 12mp cameras.  As you can see from the shakiness of the photos, you need to have a steady hand for clear pics.

Here are some photos of Pepper duck hunting on today's run through Water Works Park.

That's her swimming in the river.
She wasn't quick enough to catch a duck.  Guess I'll have to settle for salad for lunch.

Here's a view of the river from our second crossing.

Here are some picks of our new garden.  We signed up for two city garden plots yesterday.  So we now have a 50' by 25' plot.  Room for plenty of potatoes, onions, squash, corn . . . I need to make a plan.

My blog layout skills suck.

Friday, April 2, 2010

The Long Road Ahead

Yesterday I ran to the Nat in downtown CF.  My plan was to run the City's 5k  course and check my time.  It was a beautiful day, sunny and warm - 83 deg F.  I prefer the colder runs.  Not to worry; there will be plenty of cold days here in NE Ohio to look forward too.

The run was a chore.  I was battling tender tootsies all the way.  I'm surprised at my sensitivity.  At the end of last year, before I started donning the vff's, it seemed as if my feet were invincible.  I feel like I'm starting anew.  And my time was slow.

Enough bitching!

This week, Mrs. J & I made some cold frames and planted lettuce, basil and radish seedlings.  We are sooo looking forward to homegrown salads.