Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Today was the second skate of the season.  On Monday, Pepper and I ran through Gorge Metro Park and longed for the ice we passed by.  So Jennifer and I broke out the skates yesterday and went for a glide.  It was great getting out again - it's been a few years.  The three of us headed out again today and skated for an hour.  With the warm weather coming, it will be a while before we get out again.

After the skate I ran the 1.8 mile loop twice.  The first was in Aqua and cotton socks.  The second loop was barefoot.  I also took off my lined pants leaving tights - a hell of a site.

Here are clips from yesterday.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Happy Chrismas Run

Merry Christmas!!

Pepper and I ran a lightning 3 miles today.  The weather was perfect - 28 deg F, one inch of freshly fallen snow, no wind.  We both went barefoot.  It got dicey when I had to wait for her to live up to her nickname - standing, waiting in ankle deep snow.  But the feet warmed quickly once we began running again.

This was our first run since the URINEO FA We took a week off due to my sore foot.  About a mile in to the run I stupidly let Pepper drag me down a hill that hid a tree branch at the bottom.  My foot found the branch, rather abruptly, and I cursed myself for the rest of the run.  I bruised my foot between the heel and the ball.  Pepper and I continued running and finished two loops of the URINEO for a 16 mile run for the day.  The next day I could hardly walk.  Today, a week later, it was a little tender, but nothing to slow me down or worry about injuring again.  As I said, today I was lightning.

Happy Christmas to all.

A few pics from last weeks URINEO

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Blue Hen Falls

Blue Hen Falls
Pepper and I ran the Buckeye Trail from Boston Store to Blue Hen Falls today.  A total of three miles since we went further than the falls following someones footsteps in the snow.  It was very nice and very long.  Half was uphill.
Blue Hen Falls

Icicle Falls beyond Blue Hen

Race Report

I ran the Ohio Outside Trail run last Saturday.  I was slower than last year, but I had the vff's on because of the snow.  I should have run it barefoot.  Had fun.  It was a good showing.

Product Review

Check it out.  I found the best thing for cold weather running.  And by that I mean when it's colder than 25 deg F or if I'm running through new snow.  I got the thermal socks (2 mil neoprene) at Gander Mt. and the auqa socks at the chinese store.  I cut a section from the back and sewed it into the toe I cut.  I used upholstery thread.  Believe it or not, even thermal socks are too narrow.  I've run in them three times and the feet stay very warm.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


I was weak today and put on the Vibrams.  Pepper and I had a nice, slow 3 mile run.  More to follow tomorrow.

A quick Pepper clip:

Friday, December 3, 2010

Quick 5.9

So, when I say quick, that means sub 11.  Lightning is sub 10.  Today was just quick.  Pepper and I ran barefoot down to the VW dealer to pick up my car.  I'm at 49,700 miles, so this is the last free service from the warranty.  Yes, I said barefoot.  It was 31 deg F when we started but dropped a couple by the finish.  She just never complains about the weather.  She'll stop for a rest if it's too hot.  But the cold never bothers her.  It doesn't get that cold here.

It's been 10 months since we've run in the cold and I noticed something interesting.  As this is my second winter season running barefoot, what I learned last season was sort of chalked up to newbieism.  This summer I was feeling quite tender of foot and though I was just being a wuss.  But running in the cold again has me rethinking my feelings.  I am a wuss. And, when it's cold, the bottom of the feet get just numb enough not to be concerned about the little pebbles.  The larger rocks of salt are another matter.  They always hurt.  I'm sure the towpath will feel like silk like it did last winter.  When I ran the towpath this summer, I spent maybe half the time on the grass to the side because my feet were getting sore.  Or is this all in my head?

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Finaly Winter Is Here

I love running in the cold.  I wore my Jr. Kings jersey today in the 27 deg F gray wonder that is North East Ohio.  Pepper and I ran a short 3.2 miles.  I'm still recovering from a cold that I caught in Cinci.  Damn kids (kidding, I would gladly suffer a cold every week if it meant I could see them all the time).

It was fun running barefoot in the cold again.  I've been spoiled by our very nice summer and fall.  The pads were cold for the first half mile, then stung for the second half.  The last two were not terribly different than any other run.  Believe me people; it can be done!

I signed up for a few runs.  Check out my "Future Runs" list to the right.  What the hell was I thinking?

We'll see tonight how a dethroned King handles the weather again.  Hopefully that sunny Miami heat has made him soft.  And while I'm on the subject: Questions have been raised as to our reaction to his return.  I would politely clap when he comes into the building, just as I would with respect for any other visiting team member.  Nothing more or less.  And yes, he did handle things wrong when he made his decision.  That whole thing was juvenile and self aggrandizing.  What other leading athlete has booked an hour on ESPN to announce his decision.  As a fan of the team, I laughed at his antics.  That's not what upset me.  It was the fact that we fans finally had hope that we could win a championship.  He sent us back to the drawing board.