Thursday, November 12, 2015

Cane and Un-Able

I bought my first cane yesterday.  Boy, that was a thrill!  My last run was march of 2013.  I hobbled around the block at a fast walk pace.  The pain in my hip told me to stop.  I still have the old hip, but now have a new cane.  It's a long way I've traveled from the Fools 50k in 2012 to crippledom.

Ah well, here's a backyard pic.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Get Dirty

It might be a little hard to tell from this picture, but we are all filthy! Me more than Ziggy Pup, Pepper more than me.  We are puppy-sitting the Zigster, so we went for a run.  Completed the 2.75 mile Horseshoe Lake trail at a 15.9 min/mile pace.  Phew! There was a lot of sliding on the half mud, half ice trail.  Ziggy was a handful on the leash.  The ice was unstable part of the time and I was breaking through.  This made the going a little more slow.  It's a little abrasive on bare feet (for me), but the dogs didn't seem to mind.  I really didn't either.  I took advantage of a rare 60 degree January day.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

A Dogs Pace

I mostly run with Pepper.  I follow her pace.  She pushes me once in a while.  I rest during a sniff, often. We seem to work together well.  I'm glad for her company.  She is always willing and happy.  We smile at each other.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Winter Running

Running in winter but thinking about summer on the beach.  I think I'll try this yoga pose.

I have run the same 3.7 mile rout all this week and I'm getting faster.  Running longer however is still a question.  We do what we can, eh?

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Another Year Has Come, I Think I'll Run

Happy new year! My last post was about a year ago. When your work involves a lot of computer stuff, it's hard to find motivation to blog at nite.  As it happens, the past year has brought a few changes to my running life, again, so I thought I would relate a little of what's been going on.

Last year was a low point for my running.  I was working and didn't find enough time to run.  That will not happen this year! . . . enough of that . . .

2012: A summary:
I finished my first 50k - the Fools 50k in 7:57 or so.  I finished second to last and was humbled by the last place runner who finished 8 minuets behind me, but unlike me, running half barefoot and half in aqua-socks, she ran it all barefoot.

I DNF'ed the YUT-C again.  This time, it wasn't self doubt but my arthritic hip that brought me to my knees.

I lost my job.  Corporate life sucks.  Living up to other peoples expectations is bullshit!

Ran the GNYER 5k slower than ever before (30:17), but with the most effort. Chuckled at the comments - FROM THOSE WHO WERE BEHIND - "must have take a bet," and "there's always one guy running barefoot" - first guy was wrong, the second guy was right, and it's been me for the last 3 years. In 2009 I was scared and ran in Vibrams.  I put the afterburners on for the last tenth - it was great.

2013: A Summary:
Ran a slow 3.71 miles today - Pepper did a lot of sniffing :-)

Run, Run, Run.
Merry New Year.
Play it loud!!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Filling the Calendar

Happy New Year All!!

My New Year Calendar

Dirty Dog 10k -Trail
Shamrock 15k - Road
Covered Bridge FA - Trail
Fools 50k - Trail
Blue Ridge Marathon - Road
No Frills Just Hills FA - Trail
YUT-C 50k - Trail
Slim Pickins FA - Trail

Hmmm...kinda biting off a lot there, eh?...I better get running!
Believe it or not, there's room in that schedule.

A nice place to run
Banff, July 2011

Hunting Squirrel
Cuyahoga Falls, August, 2011

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Cleveland Marathon Race Report

I finished 2'nd . . . in the barefoot division.  There were three of us that I know of.  Jessy and I discussed our craziness at mile 17.  Before I let him run ahead - he was running strong - he said that he had passed another barefooter before me.  That guy never caught me though.

My second marathon.  So, I've figured it out.  If I run a marathon, it will rain.  And rain it did.  It wasn't as torrential as the Blue Ridge Marathon, but for a barefooter, rain can be a problem.  Or can it?  We had 5 miles of mist and wet pavement followed by 5 of warmth and dry pavement.  Then 3 of wet and 3 of dry.  Then the rain, cold and wind set in.  The temp dropped 10 degrees and wind picked up when not protected by trees or buildings.  This made for a challenging run.

I set a new marathon pr.  I was hoping for 4:30 and finished with 4:37:17.  I started out fast as usual, keeping pace with the 4 hr pacer.  After six, I watched them pull away.  At mile 12 (or 14?) the 4:15 pacer caught me.  I stuck with them for a while,  but they too pulled away.   At mile 21, the 4:30 group reared it's ugly head and my hopes were dashed.  I was really feeling good with the 4 hr group and thought I could make a move.  Pain arrived and hope left at about mile 15, having seen the 4:15 group go, but I thought I could hold off the 4:30's.  Not to be.

The race was flat.  I really don't remember any hills, aside from the shoreway bridge.  I did walk at a few aid stations and near the end,  but only for seconds - 20 or 30 at most.  There were no hills to slow me down.  Only age, lack of conditioning and pain.

Congratulations to Dan who finished 1st in his age group.  Much faster than I can dream of.  And to Steve, a colleague of mine who finished the half in a 8 mile/min Pace.

Here are some photos:
My race uniform - note the sleeves.  I received many complimentary comments on the sleeves - some thought they were tattoos at first - and the shorts.  Although, Jennifer says they are making fun?

The guitar actually spins

Left foot  - only a slight big toe blister.  I felt this late in the race, but it's a non issue.

Right foot - big blood blister on the long toe.  I was dealing with this almost from the start.  I popped it, post race and watched the blood flow.  The mid section is interesting, but not a blister.

Top 'o the feet.  Right big toe is a 2 week old nighttime sidewalk smashing.  It wasn't an issue during the race.  It hurts when I put boots on.  Damn shoes!
Over all, I am excited at how my feet held up over the distance in the conditions.  The skin didn't break on the long toe blister, which was key.  And all the other skin was fine.  I've run in the rain a few times recently, but was unsure about 26 miles.  The short dry spots helped.  The road conditions were typical,  but they seemed to get worse as the race went on - mental, I'm sure.