Monday, April 25, 2011

Delicate Feet

Pepper and I went for a quick 6.3 today.  We ran down to Glens trail where I realized my feel have been spoiled by roads.  After the 3/4 mile technical trail, I decided my feet had enough rough sensory input, so I got back on the road for and additional 4.5 of asphalt and concrete smoothness.  I was panning on a run through Gorge park, returning on the Glens, but it wasn't to be.  All of the snow and road running since December seem to have conspired to exaggerate the delicacy of my tender feet.  I need more trails!

The humidity and heat were a strange feeling today.  After about 4 miles, Pepper decided she had enough and stopped for a rest.  We waited about 5 minutes and she was ready to go again.  We miss the cold.

The Snow Nose

Friday, April 22, 2011

Morning Run

I went for a solo 7.2 before dawn this morning.  No pooch to keep me company because she was asleep in bed.  And she was limping again after our last 5 mile run Wednesday.  I was laying awake at 4 this morning and decided that at 5, I might as well get up and do it.  I had the alarm set for 6 anyway.  I wanted to get an early run in because today is a busy day.  The legs are mostly recovered from last weekend.  My right calf is a little stiff.  Over all, it's hard to tell I ran a marathon a week ago.

This graph makes me laugh.

A bigger view of the graph can be found here.  Thanks Atom