Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sunny Day

Another beautiful day in NE Ohio for a run - 25 deg F with a crisp note in the air and the sun shining bright.  Pepper and I did a 4.3 mi run down to Glen Trail and then City streets.  No shoes, you ask?  Yes I reply!, No shoes.  I mean really, if she can do it, why can't I?  She has somehow built up a tolerance for going shoeless.  It must be a societal thing - that we don't put dogs in shoes.  I however, have been told my entire life "PUT YOUR SHOES AND SOCKS ON.  WHAT, WERE YOU RAISED IN A BARN?"  Maybe I would be able to run at minus 5 as Pepper does if I were.  As it is, I conformed to societal wishes and now my barefoot limit is around 25.  I'm working on it though and should be able to run in the teens this year without the need for those stinkin', foot twistin', toe crampin', skin rubbin', shin splintin', knee knockin' shoes.  I have been using my vff's a lot lately, so it was great to get out of them today.

My next race is the Dirty Dog 10k Trail Run at Mosquito Lake in Courland, Ohio.  It should be fun, and I'll get to meet some of the members of the N.E. Ohio Trail Club ( that I just joined.  They seem to put on a lot of FA's which are right in line with my nojobhavin' philosophy.  Looking forward!

'Sall fer now (cavs are playing in a bit)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Power of Epsom Salts

I've gotta say, the Epsom salt foot soak last night was wonderful!  That drinking injury I mentioned before has hung around since the first of the year.  Usually the inflammation goes away in a few days to a week, but this one seems to hang on - my foot is still a little tender. But, after a long soak last night during the second half win of the Cav's over the Heat, I woke up this morning with very little pain.  My foot is about 95% - a far cry better than it's been yet this year.  Pepper and I ran a leisurely 4.5 mi. yesterday on sidewalks and I was pissed that it's still nagging.  So I tried the soak.  It was wonderful - although, a hot tub would be nice too.  But let's face it, when your living on the public dole, you can't afford such luxuries.  I also put some fresh herbs in the mix too - rosemary, thyme and parsley.

Saturday, January 23, 2010


Another nice run.  3.26 mi. to Glen Trail and back.  Saw some skaters on the way.  The trail was partly muddy, but mostly very comfy.  I love a trail after a rain or, as it was today, when it has thawed causing the soil to expand and therefore become very cushy.  I tried the High Bridge Trail for about a hundred yards.  It was ice covered and got a little too cold on the tootsies.  High Bride is on the is on the south side of the Cuyahoga at that point and is shaded for most of the day.  I haven't built up the tolerance to the cold as has Barefoot Ted.  I'm working on it though.


Thursday, January 21, 2010

Spring in January

It sure feels like spring here in the Falls - 40 deg F and partly sunny (i gotta find that weather thing BHI has).  My light run today was 2.5 mi. with dry streets and sidewalks.  Pepper and I still got our paws wet and dirty though.  A pleasure to be running without all that added weight of clothing and vibrams.  Feels reeeeal good to get the skin back on the ground!!

Dad turned me on to the Million Dollar Quartet that I'm listening to now.  Damn that white boy can sing!

'Sall for now. ltr

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

New Year Running

My first run of the new year was yeasterday. A very nice 5.5mi run through city streets and the bike path from the CF fire station # 2 to Water Works Park.  From there, the bike path to Burst Park.  Snow covered sidewalks and path at 25 deg F in my vff's.  Pepper loves the snow (and so do I).

I had to take a week and a half since my last run due to a drinking injury (the disease of kings).  I wonder if any of the followers at Booze Hounds Inc suffer the same?  Glad to be back on the path.

Oh yeah, and my last run was a PR - 28:46 (297th) at the GNYER 5k.  Yes, by the way, I'm pretty slow.