Thursday, November 25, 2010

Product Review

The Cincinnatti rain has required a new outfit.  To keep out the rain, I chose the much vaulted Hefty Poncho.  The beauty is the versitility afforded by the necessary customization.  The neck and arm holes were custom fitted to my fizzeek.  My 6 mile run today was interupted by many inquireies as to the quality, fit and comfort.  If I was home, I would have taken orders.  Another advantage was the cost: 20 ponchos for $6.95.  Now that's a deal.

Dry Running
Happy Thanksgiving.


  1. and you can get the DOT version for higher visibility.

  2. I like your style. That's a running fashion I can get behind. Cheers! (What's that you're drinking?)

  3. Yes, that's a beer. It's my favorite post run recovery drink. My Brother-in-Law always buys the good stuff - Pilsner Urquell.

  4. ...And my gf makes fun of me when I run barefoot. I think I need to introduce her to this picture...haha.