Thursday, December 2, 2010

Finaly Winter Is Here

I love running in the cold.  I wore my Jr. Kings jersey today in the 27 deg F gray wonder that is North East Ohio.  Pepper and I ran a short 3.2 miles.  I'm still recovering from a cold that I caught in Cinci.  Damn kids (kidding, I would gladly suffer a cold every week if it meant I could see them all the time).

It was fun running barefoot in the cold again.  I've been spoiled by our very nice summer and fall.  The pads were cold for the first half mile, then stung for the second half.  The last two were not terribly different than any other run.  Believe me people; it can be done!

I signed up for a few runs.  Check out my "Future Runs" list to the right.  What the hell was I thinking?

We'll see tonight how a dethroned King handles the weather again.  Hopefully that sunny Miami heat has made him soft.  And while I'm on the subject: Questions have been raised as to our reaction to his return.  I would politely clap when he comes into the building, just as I would with respect for any other visiting team member.  Nothing more or less.  And yes, he did handle things wrong when he made his decision.  That whole thing was juvenile and self aggrandizing.  What other leading athlete has booked an hour on ESPN to announce his decision.  As a fan of the team, I laughed at his antics.  That's not what upset me.  It was the fact that we fans finally had hope that we could win a championship.  He sent us back to the drawing board.

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  1. I have a mental block. Once it hits the 40s, my feet feel too cold, and I can't seem to relax. Maybe some day. Cheers!