Sunday, January 16, 2011

Big Blister 5 Miler

As I sit and listen to "Georgia On My Mind" on the radio, I lament the blues that are forming in my feet.  Ok, so, it's actually more red than blue, but when hidden beneath the skin, the blood takes a blue hue.  Yes, just another reason why shoes are BAD!  My last 6 runs have been in aqua socks that have apparently made me weak.  I've longed for the comfort of my skin against the ground, but I've been weak, justifying the covering because of the cold.  The result is an assortment of blood blisters after my 5 mile barefoot run today.

Today's run felt great.  Pepper and I powered through the miles at lightning speed.  I felt strong, no stopping (save the Pooper poop), pushing up the hills and flying down the descents.  This was one of the better runs I've had in a while.  Late in the run I felt a tweak in my right long toe.  I knew there would be a small blister forming but I wasn't too concerned.  It's always my right long toe that takes the punishment before any other.

What the cold really does is mask the ground feel just enough so that you disregard your form.  I started at 25 deg F - by the end it was 22.  Altogether, it was a beautiful day, alternating sun and overcast with only a slight wind.  I was dressed perfectly; not too many layers.  I felt my feet getting just a wee bit numb, but nothing of concern and just the bottoms - the uppers were great.  Half the run was on dry asphalt.  Some of the sidewalks we ran were not cleared.  When you run on snow that covers your ankles, your feet will cool quickly.  It's best too find a well trodden path or clear pavement quickly.  It's amazing how quickly your feet will warm back up.  However, when running at below freezing temps' the pads will numb enough to mask the ground feel you would normally have.  And this leads to slippin' and grippin'.  I was pushing off more than lifting my feet so the balls of my feet would slip on the ground, and my toes would then naturally grip in order to maintain traction.  What does all of this lead too?  Check out the pics below.

Left - Pre-Bloodletting

Left - Post-Bloodletting

Right - Post-Bloodletting - note pin pricks
need to bleed some more

Back Yard Today

Yes, these pics look bad, but the run today was worth it.  I mean, it's not bypass surgery or lung cancer.  And the lessons learned? . . . we all need lessons!

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  1. Careful!

    Don't worry about getting the footness back. You'll be fine whenever it's warm and civilized outside again.