Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy New Year

Today, Pepper and I ran a slow 7.3 miles.  Overall, it was a good barefoot run in 30 degree weather.  Pepper chased a few geese, but no goose soup tonight.

Race Report:
I ran the Great New Years Eve Race last Friday.  I lined up about 8 deep from the start in the 56 degree overcast din that is northeast Ohio at the end of the year.  There were a ton of people at the race - it started 10 minuets late because of the crowd.

I set a new PR at 26:34.  The pace was 8:33 min per mile.  Better than 2 minuets faster than last year!  I was determined to run as fast as I could.  This was a great barefoot effort, but I think I could have run faster. . . something to consider.  I believe I was the only barefooter?  My 100 yard sprint to the finish was something to behold!  Scary fast!!

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