Friday, January 21, 2011

Cool 5

We ran the WW Silver 5 again today.  The air was a crisp 13F.  Had to break some trail in the fresh 2" of snow.  A slow run, but when the sun came out, picturesque!

Speaking of . . . here are some shots from yesterday.  We ran the "Glen Gorge 5.66." That was a good run. These shots are from the Glens trail.

Product Review:

I received a gift from the Cleveland Marathon for signing up early.  It's a waist pack.  It's the perfect size for my camera and functions as an effective belt too.  I had the camera in the belt on the run shown above and hardly knew it was there.  Very comfortable.

A pic...

Oh Yeah;

Pepper and I got attacked by a dog again today.  WTF?!?  Granted, we cam up on them fast? . . .
I'm so glad I have a well adjusted and sane dog.  The crazies are astounding.

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  1. Iris has been a dog magnet lately too:

    Gah, snow.