Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Chuck the Shoes

Pepper and I were welcomed on the Towpath Trail this afternoon with unusually clear sky's, bright sun and warm temperatures - 33 deg F.  We started at mile post 30 at Bath and River Road, ran downstream to mile post 26 and back.  The first 1.75 miles were run in cross country ski tracks so I had the aqua and cotton socks on.  When we got to the Ira Road trail-head, the path was trodden enough by footsteps to excite me about chucking the shoes.  So I did.  I ran the last 6.25 miles barefoot.  Pepper was barefoot the whole run - she's a pro.  The run was invigorating and challenging.  It was a wonderful foot massage.  I recommend it!  The last 1.75 miles were tough since ski tracks aren't wide enough to prevent snow from getting between the toes and on top of the foot.  This means the feet get a little cold and numb.  When running on packed snow, the foot pads get a little cold but the rest (top of the foot, between the toes, side of the foot) stays warm from the effort of running.  It's not hard to handle at all.

A few pics:

Upstream (south)

The sweet simplicity of a crazy man

Downstream (north)

Straw horses

Pepper waiting


  1. You are probably insane.. but that's okay:) Glad you were able to get out without the zapatos!!

  2. Very cool. ha ha ha, cool. Get it?