Sunday, February 27, 2011

Papa's Got Some Brand New Shoes

Well, they're not really shoes, and I'm not a biological father . . . they are aqua socks, and my girl is a dog . . . but definitions are subjective, right?

I was wandering through our local Chinese store today and realized they received a new shipment of aqua socks.  They changed their design for the better.  I bought my last pair last year after being a little disappointed in my Vibrams.  And the low cost of the aquas are hard to beat.  Unfortunately, they come in sizes 9-10 and 11-12.  The 9-10 is too small and the 11-12 too big.  The 11-12 are wide enough but a little sloppy in length.  I would prefer 10-11, which is not offered.

The new design has a draw sting instead of last years model that has velcro fasteners on the side.  The velcro comes loose when running in snow or other such things and the sock becomes even more sloppy.  I would have to stop and refasten the valcro several times during a run.  The new design solves this problem.

The aquas are more flexible than vibrams and lighter too.  At 1/10th the cost,  with more comfort, I don't see any reason to consider another.  Merrels look nice, but at $120 a pair,  this doesn't seem very minimalist to me.

Here's a shot of the new (left) and the old (right) and the liner which I have no use for.

I thought a current snap of the foot would be nice too.  The toe is the only part that really hurts.  A condition from running on ice and snow.  This is only recommended for experienced barefoot winter runners like me.  Don't try this at home.  I've run every day on it, so while it hurts a little, it won't stop me.  What it shows is that skin has some limitations.  Some things you have to learn on your own.

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