Friday, April 1, 2011

BRU Book Giveaway

Barefoot Running University

I have followed Jason Robillard for well over a year now.  I have always found good stuff on his site.  I met him and his crew at the Burning River 100 where he finished in a little over 27 hours, the first 33 of which were barefoot.  Now he's giving away his book here.  I read the advanced copy.  This one is definitely worth a read.  It's nice to find inspiration in your compatriots!

Today's Run

Pepper and I ran a nice 4 today.  I was shooting for 8, but she was limping after the first two.  I'm going to run without her tomorrow morning to get some miles in - maybe even predawn.

With a half mile to go, a guy, Rusty, pulled his van over to ask me about barefoot running.  He said he was considering it.  Many times I'm defending my footwear when asked what the hell I'm doing running without shoes.  It was nice to answer questions and give advice to someone who was truly interested.  Rusty needs Jason's book.

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