Thursday, April 14, 2011

Mountain Taper

Due to the upcoming mountain jaunt I've reduced the number of runs this week.  And since Pepper didn't want to run today - I was pulling her the whole way - we kept it to a tidy 3.5.  It must be the heat.  She just did not want to run fast.  I ran a lot slower than I wanted.

Ever since my Big Blister episode in January, the balls have been sensitive.  The skin has not yet grown back to full thickness which leaves the balls a little sore after a run.  OK, I'm talking about the balls of my feet! Get your mind out of the gutter.  So, I ran with the vibrams today.  I haven't worn them in a very long time.  I confirmed that they are still too small.  I bought them in December of '09, a mere 4 months after I started running.  My feet have grown since then - musculature and width.  But they weren't too bad for a short run.  I wouldn't be comfortable for more than 5 miles in them.  As to the reason why the skin hasn't thickened up in 4 months since the mid January run is anyone's guess.  I'll bet a lot of it is due to the sidewalks I run on - abrasive for the naked foot.

The weather is conspiring against my mountain run.  It's clear and warm surrounding the race day.  Saturday calls for severe weather and precip' at 90% - wtf.  I'll bring the aquas.

I must thank Barefoot Josh for the contest for the Blue Ridge Marathon.  I was the "lucky" winner and will represent our fellow barefootsiers the best I can.  And, by the way, check out his blog, he's got an excellent post about chickens.

Back to taxes . . .

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  1. Yer welcome, heh heh.

    Hope they're wrong about the weather!