Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Power of Epsom Salts

I've gotta say, the Epsom salt foot soak last night was wonderful!  That drinking injury I mentioned before has hung around since the first of the year.  Usually the inflammation goes away in a few days to a week, but this one seems to hang on - my foot is still a little tender. But, after a long soak last night during the second half win of the Cav's over the Heat, I woke up this morning with very little pain.  My foot is about 95% - a far cry better than it's been yet this year.  Pepper and I ran a leisurely 4.5 mi. yesterday on sidewalks and I was pissed that it's still nagging.  So I tried the soak.  It was wonderful - although, a hot tub would be nice too.  But let's face it, when your living on the public dole, you can't afford such luxuries.  I also put some fresh herbs in the mix too - rosemary, thyme and parsley.


  1. Hi there, Johnny. Thanks for stopping by Team HQ. Are you running barefoot in this cold?

    Planning on running the Frostbite 5-K at Water Works in February. Careful with the drinking injuries. Remember, alcohol reduces pain and improves confidence. Cheers!

  2. If it's dry and above 25 deg F I run barefioot, otherwise I use my vff's. I haven't built up the tolerance to the snow just yet.

    I'm running the Dirty Dog 10k on the 6th.

    Concernng your latest dog post - You should always pay attention to your dog when running just like you pay attention to yourself, but I think the concerns mentioned in the article about age and temperature are a little too conservative. 2 years? that's just stupid. If the asphalt is too hot, I'll know cause I ain't wearing no stinking shoes.

    Thanks for the advice about alcohol - I think I'll start right now reducing confidence and increasing pain. Cheers!