Saturday, January 23, 2010


Another nice run.  3.26 mi. to Glen Trail and back.  Saw some skaters on the way.  The trail was partly muddy, but mostly very comfy.  I love a trail after a rain or, as it was today, when it has thawed causing the soil to expand and therefore become very cushy.  I tried the High Bridge Trail for about a hundred yards.  It was ice covered and got a little too cold on the tootsies.  High Bride is on the is on the south side of the Cuyahoga at that point and is shaded for most of the day.  I haven't built up the tolerance to the cold as has Barefoot Ted.  I'm working on it though.


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  1. Go slow with the cold - it can take a few years (based on the experience of others). Personally, I think a good cold-adaptation exercise is to move to the equator.