Friday, March 12, 2010

Race Time

First off: did I mention how slow I am?  208/278 at the Shamrock 15k.  Wow.

But I have some questions:
1) The time I saw when I crossed is different than the time in the official results.  No d-tag or chip for this race.  Why?
2) The pace reported does not match the time for the given distance - I am assuming the race was exactly 15k.  This may not be the case as I couldn't jive it on mapmyrun.  Does anyone know if this race is actually 15k?
3) What does agegrade mean and why is it different from actual time?
4) What the crap does age% mean?

I think the answer may in the question I first asked: Did I mention how slow I am?

Good thing the CB 50k FA tomorrow is not timed.  In case you're interested, they changed the venue since West Branch is closed due to mud.  They moved it back to Youngstown in it's original location - at the YUT-C 50k course.


  1. All that means... nothing.
    Your time is best kept on your watch. YOU were there at the helm, trust it.

    Age graded stuff... just handicaps based on such and such by people in a lab... not real. They can be fun- but don't get hung up on anything but the experience, and maybe not even too much on that:)

  2. The time I mapped the course, I got 15-K. Inexact results are the breaks with a race without chips or D-tags. SARC doesn't seem to have the resources to get such high-tech gear. All their races are that way. Good job at the race!