Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Trail Tripping

Pepper was whining to see what the trails looked like today. So we headed out to O'Neil Woods.  The trails are in a transition period - mostly snow and ice.  A few sections of ankle deep mud, warm and gooey.
We ran the 1.8 mile trail in about 30 minuets that included a poop stop, pictures and two falls - by me, not Pepper.  Nothing broke or hurt.  Laughter ensued.

Pepper wasn't impressed with my performance - she always seemed to be waiting for me??  So, I got the message and we headed to Hampton Hills to hit the 3.2 mile Adams Run trail. This trail was in the same general shape as the other.  We ran it in about 44 minuets.  It's amazing how far mud will splash up your shorts.

 Another gorgeous day in the parks of North East Ohio.

We also stopped by the Great Blue Heron Nesting area on Bath road.  They were impressive.  All the nests of all the trees seemed to have a Heron in it.  The picture doesn't  do it justice.  You'll have to check it out yourself.

Neither I nor Pepper chased down any of the giant birds - though she really did want to - probably taste like Bald Eagle, I would think.

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