Tuesday, March 23, 2010

So, the last week has been a slow one for running.  My feet were recovering from the CB 50k and therefore I had only one run last week.  This week, I've only run a 5.1'er - more planned for Wednesday.  It was a nice run to Waterworks, the bike path and Silver Lake city streets.  It started raining at mile two.  We saw a six pack on the way - of white tail deer.  Neither Pepper or I gave chase.  They just looked at us as we trotted by.  I think they get very comfortable in an urban environment.  We have yet to chase down a deer or rabbit.  Pepper does have three squirrel kills to her credit.  She got them last year in the back yard.  I would like to see her improve her tally this year - nothing like organic nut fed meat for dinner!

Viper and Barefoot Josh have an elevens challenge with each other.  Sounds great.  I love the idea of pairing with someone for a challenge.  If for no other reason than to push yourself.  This one however, was not for me.  Instead I was checking out Lauren's blog and found a fitting challenge. 12-in-12 - I like the sound of this.  And, I read the same book in January that she did  - "Born to Run."  It's on.  Well, to be honest, I listened to BTR on cd.  I borrowed it last July and have listened to it at least once a month ever since - including January.  Listening may be less involved than actual reading, so I've made a rule: If you listen to a book instead of reading it, you must listen to two per month.  So, I also listened to "The Omnivores Dilemma."   In February, I read:

This was a bit of a tough read due to the names, but very interesting.  A history about the Americas before Columbus.  Our education of why we (the white man) defeated the Indians is incredibly elemental and unfortunately incorrect.  After reading BTR, I found this informative as to the history that lead to the plight of the Tarahumara Indians.  I would recommend this to all who wonder why the Incas (and many others) disappeared, and to those who think tomato sauce is an Italian creation.

This Month I'm reading Animal, Vegetable, Miracle.  I'll give a simple critique when done (if you haven't noticed, I like simple).


  1. Our challenge isn't much of a challenge anymore, considering BFJ can do the Elevens in about half the time I can do them.

    I actually have 12 books in 12 months as a personal goal, and BTR was my February read. I'm a bit behind on March though. Good luck!

  2. My pup has 2 skunk kills... not the best for the household :(

  3. Viper, I must say I've noticed a change in your posts. The koolaid is good?

    The Sean, We've only had one spraying encounter with those smelly beasts. Viper has much to look forward to.

  4. I fear Dobson is hopelessly slow. I don't think he's going to catch any critter unless he catches it offguard.

    I've swilled the Kool-Aid since last fall, so I've gotten used to the taste. But I hate cold feet, so going completely bare again won't happen until summer.