Sunday, March 7, 2010


Yes, I remain undefeated.  I have finished 1st in every race I have run barefoot.  1st in the barefoot class that is.  Now I can add the Shamrock 15k to my growing list of awesome barefoot races.  I was the only barefoot runner today.  If a runner were to pick the perfect day for a road race, this would be it.  It was sunny.  We ran roads that wind through the Cuyahoga Valley National Park.  The roads were dry and the temp between 40 and 43 deg F.

As the first run of the first year, I  found it helpful to follow BFJ's three rules.  And I did so for the most part.  1.) I was a gentleman.  I certainly wasn't rushing past anyone.  Most of the people I passed were willing to chat for a bit, so I did, and then moved ahead with respect.  2.) The beginning of the race always has runners finding their pace, so it's inevitable you get some passing.  After the first mile or so, everyone seemed to stabilize in their positions.  It was at the end that I was overtaken by various runners (women mostly).  I couldn't hold them back.  Secretly, I think racers that pass me at the end think to themselves, "I can't let a barefoot runner beat me!"  If I give other runners motivation, that's kind of cool.  3.)  Work is for chumps, therefore, by nature, I don't work too hard.

Another good race put on by the SARC.  We had three water stations.  Everyone gave encouragement.  And a chicken soup at the end.


  1. Cograts on another ruthless victory!

  2. Congrats on the barefoot win. My buddy Martini ran and said he was humbled by the hills. He should have taken me up on my offer to run the course the previous week to be ready for them. I hope I can hit this race next year. Cheers!