Thursday, April 22, 2010

Broke 500

Yep, it's true!!! 500 Lifetime Miles!!!

Most have been barefoot.  Some have been with the vff's - winter - cold - wet.

500 is a milestone.  When I get to the numbers Dan is at, that will be an accomplishment.  But the 500  have been an interesting journey.  Most have been solitary, save for the Pepper - she IS my running buddy.  A few have been with friends.  I've run races with strangers.  All runs have been positive.

Pepper & I ran an easy 3.6 today.  Down to the Glens tail & back. It was a beautiful run: 6-7pm 60 deg F, we had the trail to ourselves.  I've since learned that a trail with rocks, roots and other impediments is considered a "Technical Trail."  Cool, I've been running these from the start . . . though not very fast.

Cavs suck!

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