Friday, December 3, 2010

Quick 5.9

So, when I say quick, that means sub 11.  Lightning is sub 10.  Today was just quick.  Pepper and I ran barefoot down to the VW dealer to pick up my car.  I'm at 49,700 miles, so this is the last free service from the warranty.  Yes, I said barefoot.  It was 31 deg F when we started but dropped a couple by the finish.  She just never complains about the weather.  She'll stop for a rest if it's too hot.  But the cold never bothers her.  It doesn't get that cold here.

It's been 10 months since we've run in the cold and I noticed something interesting.  As this is my second winter season running barefoot, what I learned last season was sort of chalked up to newbieism.  This summer I was feeling quite tender of foot and though I was just being a wuss.  But running in the cold again has me rethinking my feelings.  I am a wuss. And, when it's cold, the bottom of the feet get just numb enough not to be concerned about the little pebbles.  The larger rocks of salt are another matter.  They always hurt.  I'm sure the towpath will feel like silk like it did last winter.  When I ran the towpath this summer, I spent maybe half the time on the grass to the side because my feet were getting sore.  Or is this all in my head?

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  1. Johnny, I don't think there is anything better than running with your dog (or in my case, dogs). :-) They just do "barefoot" so well! Have you had a chance to mosey over to the Barefoot Runners Society ( It is a public site now, so you can visit, and join if you want to. It's all free. Also, I would like to email you some information about hooking up with our blog roll. If you are interested, drop me an email to miker(at) and I'll get you the info. Good running! (and take care of your buddy!) :-)