Thursday, December 16, 2010

Blue Hen Falls

Blue Hen Falls
Pepper and I ran the Buckeye Trail from Boston Store to Blue Hen Falls today.  A total of three miles since we went further than the falls following someones footsteps in the snow.  It was very nice and very long.  Half was uphill.
Blue Hen Falls

Icicle Falls beyond Blue Hen

Race Report

I ran the Ohio Outside Trail run last Saturday.  I was slower than last year, but I had the vff's on because of the snow.  I should have run it barefoot.  Had fun.  It was a good showing.

Product Review

Check it out.  I found the best thing for cold weather running.  And by that I mean when it's colder than 25 deg F or if I'm running through new snow.  I got the thermal socks (2 mil neoprene) at Gander Mt. and the auqa socks at the chinese store.  I cut a section from the back and sewed it into the toe I cut.  I used upholstery thread.  Believe it or not, even thermal socks are too narrow.  I've run in them three times and the feet stay very warm.

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