Saturday, December 25, 2010

Happy Chrismas Run

Merry Christmas!!

Pepper and I ran a lightning 3 miles today.  The weather was perfect - 28 deg F, one inch of freshly fallen snow, no wind.  We both went barefoot.  It got dicey when I had to wait for her to live up to her nickname - standing, waiting in ankle deep snow.  But the feet warmed quickly once we began running again.

This was our first run since the URINEO FA We took a week off due to my sore foot.  About a mile in to the run I stupidly let Pepper drag me down a hill that hid a tree branch at the bottom.  My foot found the branch, rather abruptly, and I cursed myself for the rest of the run.  I bruised my foot between the heel and the ball.  Pepper and I continued running and finished two loops of the URINEO for a 16 mile run for the day.  The next day I could hardly walk.  Today, a week later, it was a little tender, but nothing to slow me down or worry about injuring again.  As I said, today I was lightning.

Happy Christmas to all.

A few pics from last weeks URINEO


  1. Merry Christmas and great post! My brother recently hurt his foot in pretty much the same area. I think time is the best way to let such injuries heal. In the barefoot running book written by Dr. Craig Richards and myself, we dedicate a whole chapter to taking care of injured feet when barefoot running. The difference between most types of mishaps are accidents (hitting a branch), and overuse injuries (doing too much too soon). Time heals all wounds, but icing, slow stretching, and keeping the area lifted all helps. Thanks!

  2. What shoes are you using? I'm wearing Zem. It's actually a barefoot shoes but can tolerate cold weather. One key features of this shoes is that it mimics the feeling of barefoot. Plus, comfort and protection are just amazing. If you want to know more about this shoes, visit this link here.

    Merry Christmas! Have a great day!