Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Good Running

We've had a few good months running.  I've put up two 100 mile months - a pittance compared to Jesse or Dan
- but more than I've done consistently.  My goal this year is 12 consecutive 100+ mile months.  Two down, 10 to go.  I had this goal in the back of my mind since the new year, but was not sure of myself.  After Jan and Feb, I'm quite sure I can do it, and will commit myself to that goal.  It's funny, but I think the cold and snow motivate me.  I love the cold and snow and always want to be in it.  So, even if I'm tired or not in the mood, the great outdoors call to me.  The lack of desire or fatigue are secondary and somewhat inconsequential.


  1. Great Goal.... may become a follower just to track your progress. Have much more reading to do to become familar with your blog but it looks interesting. Keep pounding away!

  2. You got it, a step at a time:)