Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Cleveland Rocks!

Cleveland 102 - Miami 90!!!!!  What more needs to be said?  A few things to think upon:
a) Hustle , hustle, hustle - it is hard to beat
b) Perseverance - a great way to survive
c) Confidence - take no prisoners.

I could go on, but damn, it feels good to be a winner!

Pepper and I ran a slow 6 miles today.  She is still limping a bit and I notably slowed for her.  It gives me time to think about our endeavors together.  I really can not imagine . . . fathom . . . wish, to run without her.  I didn't run yesterday, and I think it was partly out of concern for her.  But, I have to face the fact that she may need a rest.  I feel guilty as if her injury is my fault.  Perhaps I tugged too hard on her harness?  But when she runs full bore out the back door, chasing a squirrel, I'm sure there are other possibilities.  She is young and should be able (will be able) to recover.  Maybe I just need to give her a rest.  It's almost inconceivable how I could possibly walk out the door without her.  Habit, and love, is a powerful thing.

I need a job!


Bottle Feeding My Niece

Nephew Finding His Own Way (a few years prior)

Family is a wonderful thing!

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