Thursday, February 25, 2010

Aqua Man

My run on ice trails Tuesday was an excercise in frustration - as well as a strain on the groin muscles not to mention the tiny foot and ankle muscles.  I ran to the 'rent-in-law's' house and back for a 13.1 miler - Cuyahoga Falls to Kent and back.  The trip took me through CF streets to Water Works Park, then the Kelsey Trail into Kent and then a few Kent streets.  It was my slowest run ever at 13.4 min/mi.  Am I getting slower?

Well, the trail was well traveled and therefore packed by previous walkers.  But the thaw the weekend before created a glaze that turned to glass by Tuesdays freeze.  Footing was treacherous!  In my vff sprints, I had absolutely no traction.  I became downtrodden with the expectation of my upcoming ultra debut dissolving to disaster.  I knew I had to make a change.

Should I get a pair of Galosh Barefoot One Finger's as reviewed by Barefoot Josh?  Should I forsake the ultra trail challenge for the comfort of a warm bed and a dog at my feet (and the Mrs of course - but not at my feet)? What to do?

I decided to go to wally world to see what they had.  Got a pair of $7 Auqa Socks.  Ok, so I overpaid by $2 - what are you going to do.  It beats the vff kso treks at $140.  The aqua socks (AQS) had a little bit of traction - substantially more than the vff sprints. I thought they might work on the ice.

So today, the Pooper & I headed out for redemption on the Kelsey trail.  An out and back 5.8 miler from the homestead on the icy cruelness that brought me down two days before.  Pepper of couse is right at home no matter what he conditions.  She's a real trooper.  Nothing phases her.

Since we got an inch of new white stuff and temps ranged into the 34 deg F area, the conditions were completely different than those on Tuesday.  So, the planned test of the new foot coffins was not as scientifically similar to my previous disaster as I had hopped.   The AQS's held up well though.  They are light, flexible and a little sloppy.  I think they preform better than the vff sports on slippery surfaces.  Note to self - Choose races that don't have multiple feet of snow in the forecast.

I felt as if I was warping through the hour long run at speeds I've never attained before.  This wasn't the case.  I finished with a. 11min/mi avg.  Disappointing, given the confidence I felt on the run.  The cool thing is that I can look forward to much better preformances.  I know I'm better than that!!!

Oil Creek FA 50k this Saturday??  It will be interesting.


  1. Don't sweat the speed right now. You are losing momentum all over the place on these kinds of surfaces and stressing over it will just lead to tension... we know what tension does.

    You are getting stronger with every step, races are mainly aerobic events at every distance and you are developing that. Speed has its season and this is not it. Happy running!

  2. Thanks The Sean. You're right, sweating is for relieving tension which leads to hapiness:)