Monday, February 8, 2010

Sun Run

Another beautiful run in the sun today.  I wore too many layers and worked up quite a sweat.  The streets were mostly clear and dry, but when I had to run on sidewalks they were pretty snowy.  The tootsies got cold when I had to run through the knee high stuff, but they warmed up pretty quickly when I got back on the sun baked pavement (OK, so maybe 'baked' is an overstatement).  I continue to surprise myself at my barefoot tollerence to the cold. As C McD put it, you are capable of more than you think you are.

The Dirty Dog race was canceled on Saturday, so no race report.  I was looking forward to it (and to winning the barefoot category).  But running in 15" of snow is tough, as I found out later that day.  I ran the streets of CF and went through a park with knee deep snow.  That part wasn't a run as much as it was an exercise in high stepping.  The sun was shining and Pepper and I had a good time as usual, so no regrets.

Last year I resolved to run a race per month.  I count the GNYER as my race for January.  So, now I need a race for this month.  I may have to try the Oil Creek 50K FA Run on Feb 27, but I'm scared!!  What to do, what to do.

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  1. sorry to hear your race was cancelled. sounds like you got in some fun anyway, and that is the point. Plus you must've saved a little moolah. We are covered in chunks of ice as we wait for another round of the white stuff the rest of the week. up to 18 on the way with 70 mph winds... yikes!!! winter is giving all it has this year!!