Monday, February 1, 2010

The Pooper Turned Four Today

It's her birthday.  Pepper turned 4.

She did things dogs love to do:

Kissed Mommy

And Daddy
And went for a run.  We were both barefoot , by the way. 
We ran another 4.2 miles through the streets of Cuyahoga Falls.  If there is a shortage of salt in the world, I know why.  Because the city put ALL of it on their sidewalks and streets.  It was kind of disgusting watching the salt dust clouds rise from the trail of passing cars, not to mention the pain of running on the larger crystals.  Harder, I think, than a gravel road.  There is no wonder why the fishies have a hard time.  All that salty runoff will end up in their home.  Ah, well.  We still had a wonderful time. First back to back run this year.

 I also got my first shipment of Chia seeds today - look out all you distance runners!

btw, I'm still figuring out the best way to edit and format posts - this one is probably a little crude to you experts.
ltr, bfjo


  1. Happy Birthday Pepper!

    I saw an article you may be interested in:

  2. Happy birthday, Pepper!
    My how she's grown. What a good girl. How lucky to be able to go on long runs - must be a dream come true for her!