Friday, February 12, 2010

How I Beat Viper at Sand Run!

I ran the Sand Run 6 today with Pepper.  I was pleased with the conditions: 29 deg F; Pepper on her leash; a well plowed trail with a little slop; vff's for the first 3.5 and bf thereafter; a spirited thought in the brain; and a poop bag in my pocket!

I celebrate the fact that my time for the run was less than that reported by the Viper, but not what I had hoped.  I stopped the clock when the Pooper had to run off trail and do her bit'ness - and honestly, it wasn't me who left the 3 piles on the path.  I let Pepper bound up to the wilderness area about 50 yards away from the trail.  I left it there, 'cause, you wouldn't want me to disturb the pristine snow covered hillside with my footsteps, would you?

I clocked the run at ~10.8 min/mi.  Much longer than the two teenagers who passed me - twice (they were in shoes though, so they don't count).

I've come to the conclusion that the Pooper slows me down.  I'm not unhappy about it, and she won't let me out of the house without her when I put on the running jersey, but I don't log the time I'm sure I'm capable of when running without her.  I know, I'm just making excuses!  But when she's off leash for the majority of the run,  I don't have to stop every other minute to let her pee. She just hangs back, does her bit'ness, and then comes storming by to catch up and do it again.  She really does love smelling stuff, and marking stuff.

Also, if you look at the week(ness) log, you'll see I'm putting Viper to shame this year. . .  Is that a call out?  Are we comrade runners supposed to be so provocative?  I'm not sure, as I only started running last August.  Perhaps we should shake it out at the Shamrock 15k?  A thought!  I'll bring the brute, you bring the beer!!!


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  1. Can't wait for Viper to retaliate. Hold on - let me get my popcorn.