Sunday, February 28, 2010

February 0 and 2

Two races scheduled, two canceled.  The Dirty Dog 10k was canceled by the race directors - due to weather.  The Oil Creek 50k by me - due to weather.  The OC 50k took place yesterday, but without me.  I was really looking forward to my ultra debut, but didn't want to drive 2.5 hours each way for what would have ended up as a 10 mi hike in knee high snow.  It was pretty, as I heard from the race director of the Oil Creek 100, however, I'm not sure anyone completed the entire run.  That's OK, as it's an FA.  But I really wanted to give the distance a go.  So now I look forward the the Covered Bridge FA.  Here's to hoping the weather will improve next month.

To relieve my disappointment, Pepper and I ran a slow 12.2 miles on city streets.  The roads were pretty clear.  It was overcast as a light snow fell.  31 deg F.  I developed some small cuts/blisters on my feet from the vff's.  This could be due to my ungainly gate.  Or, it could be the cold and wet weakening the skin, eventually leading to a blister.  These abrasions occurred on the side of my feet at the base of the big toe.  This is a new development.  I wonder if the vff's are wearing.  Or did I have them too loose?  Barefoot would have been better, or maybe a pair of sandals -  I need to get busy making my first pair of huraches like Barefoot Ted.

Today is a rest day, So here's to looking forward to a new month of warmth.  I love the snow, but I miss running the trails.

Go Canada Hockey!
Don't the Americans have enough already?

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