Saturday, August 28, 2010

Botzum to Everett Rd Covered Bridge

Pepper & I ran a leisurely 8.4 miles from the Botzum trail head to Everett Road Covered Bridge and back today.  We averaged a leisurely 12.3 mi/min pace.  With about 3 miles to go, my feet got hyper-sensitive on the cinder trail and I slowed down.  I tried to find as much grass to run on as I could, but there were sections of the trail where it just wasn't productive.  Besides, I'm looking forward to my upcoming 50K on technical trails that make the towpath seem luxurious and comfortable.  The coolest part of the trail was when we left the towpath just after Hunt Farm and followed a bridal trail to the covered bridge.  I will actively seek out these bridal trails in the future.  They aren't paved as the towpath is - they're just dirt kicked up by the horses and are therefore much easier (and more natural) to run on.  We took a break at the covered bridge - I wanted to make sure Pepper didn't have any overheating issues - and I spent some time reading the info on Mr. Siberling and Ralph Regula.  Some very good info.  We benefit from their care for the natural wonder that the Cuyahoga Vally provides.

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