Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Hot 3.7

I ran a "fast" 3.7 late today - after the heat subsided - a bit.  Just me; no Pooper.  The first mile was at a blistering 8:45 mi/min pace, but the total was 10:30.  If my math is right, that should put my last mile at ~12:30.  I may have mentioned I'm slow.  It felt fast though.  And I did have a hiccup when a dog was chasing me near the end.  I stopped to say hello, quickly.  So, that was my first run for the week.  I need to apply myself more!

My pledge is to surpass Viper's mileage by the end of the year.  I'd better get to it, 'cuz he's been racking the miles up as of late!


  1. Ooh! A challenge! Good luck to you. You've got some long miles to log, my comrade. I'm about to hit peak training miles for the marathon. Cheers!

  2. Yes I do, and yes it is. I had you beat until May (I think) and I'm gonna' catch you yet |0)