Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Swimming Silver

The Pooper and I ran an 8.2'er today.  We started at the start, ran to WW, then to Burst Park.  Then retraced our barefoot footsteps along the bike/hike trail to Silver Lake (SL).  Ran around SL and had to rest about 8/10th's of the way through.  It was hot - 82 deg F with a lot of humidity.  She just plopped down in a tree lawn.  I pushed her too hard.  Black and tan double coat isn't meant for the summer heat.  She needs a sled, and snow to really shine.  So, we rested, drank some water, and started again.  A few yards later we found the "public" access to the private lake.  She was eying the lake with desire so I let her at it. 15 minuets later, a belly full of water, I knew she could run the remaining 1.5 miles home.  Every time I run, I learn something.  Every time I run with Pepper, I learn something more.  I am so glad to have the privilege to run with such an instructive partner.

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