Thursday, August 5, 2010

Hot Poop

Yep, it was a hot one Wednesday.  Pepper and I went for an "easy" 6 miler today.  Right at mile 4, Pepper had enough and laid down on the grass to take a breather.  There was no moving her.  I sort of figured this might happen eventually.  It was 82 deg F with 90% humidity.  The first 4 miles were shaded; we ran the Glens trail and then shaded City streets.  The sun was intense when we reached State Road.  The Pooper lasted about 4 blocks 'till Sackett Ave.  There, she decided to lay down and pant.  I got her some water.  About 10 minuets later, she decided running would be ok, so we headed home.  She definitely prefers the winter - I think I do too.

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