Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Barefoot Fun

Today's barefoot run was a good effort.  Pepper and I ran to water works (WW), around Silver Lake, to Front Street, then home for 6.85 miles.  We ran it faster that ever before while allowing the occasional (read frequent) sniff and mark stop.  Pepper was excited to chase the geese art WW, but we came home sans dinner.  She needs more training.  We started at 43 deg F and by the end it was 49 - nice.  The sun came out on Front street and warmed us up a plenty.  The first few miles were wet, but the sidewalk and pavement after WW was mostly dry.  This was the first time we ran through WW in a month - it was closed due to flooding and ice for our last few outings.  The water was high on the path through the fences and just east of the hill near Silver Lake City Hall, but we made it through.

This winter has been a little tough on the feet.  I've put them through the ringer - as is to be expected for a Great Lakes winter running season.  December was 5 of 12 runs barefoot.  January was 3 of 20 barefoot.  February was 9 of 20 barefoot. And, so far, March has been 6 of 11 barefoot.  I think most of the remaining month will be barefoot - yeah!  Rain and wet pavement has limited my barefoot running as much as snow/crusty ice.  The following pics show current conditions:

Bloody Toe.
When I get distracted, I somehow forget to pick up my toes.  I dragged the bloody one on the pavement - and it always seems to be this one.  There were no bumps or pot holes to blame it on.  I just didn't pick it up and dragged it.  More explanations: The taped toe is to prevent further blistering.  I have suffered from the blister on this one since my big blister session in January.  The blue toenails are from running in aqua socks (right foot) and smashing a rock (left pinky). 

The Pooper

The feet - post shower (see, it ain't so bad)
My Love

 Here are some shots from our Ledges run on Monday:

The Ledges are one of my most favorite places to run.  The scenery, sandy trail, and such make for an enjoyable barefoot run!

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  1. The trail looks great... the toes... better luck as the weather warms up!! :)