Friday, March 18, 2011

Hampton Hills Happiness

Pepper and I ran Hampton Hills barefoot again today.  It has been a very long time since our last visit here.  We ran the 3.2 mile loop twice for some extra hill work.  If you run it, the cc direction provides some significant climes for the first half and you're rewarded with a comparatively flat second half.  The "hills" of the Blue Ridge Marathon are freaking me out a little and I've been looking for some serious hill work to train on.  Hampton Hills is close, and I figure I'll try it a couple of times a week and try to get a few minuets off each time.

It was a wonderful day today: 60's; my YUT-C tech shirt and shorts; sun warming the run; breeze cooling the sweat; and leafless forest allowing distant visibility.  This is another of my favorite runs.  Oh, and Pepper likes the creek too.

A few shots:


  1. Yes- you will want to run the hills as often as you can:)

  2. So True!! Wish I had a Husky to pull me up like you. I haven't trained Pepper to pull, but I know she could.

  3. You are a way smoother video taker on the run than I am. But yeah, what The Sean said. Hills aren't too hard once you accept the fact that all they are are pace modifiers. Let your pace be modified, you'll be good to go.

  4. Being a tenderfoot, I'm amazed at the barefoot running. I think it is awesome. I do it a little in the grass but on pavement, a pebble would send me to the hospital. Need some vibrams.

    Your mileage this year is rockin. You are on pace to obliterate last year. Keep it up.

  5. great trails, love the pics and video