Sunday, March 6, 2011

Shamrock 15k Race Report

The Good
I set a new PR!!  At 1:27:38 my time was 1 min 07 sec faster than last year.  I had expected a little more, but what are you going to do?  The weather was "good."  It was 31 deg F with a light wind.  The wind was not really a problem since the road through the park provided good protection.  The runners around me were wonderful and upbeat, the aid station volunteers smiled and offered encouragement and the police were friendly and helpful.  The fare at the end was O.K.; I grabbed a banana and an apple.

Our race booty was a long sleeve tech shirt.  It was the same as last year except yellow.

My First mile was at an 8:16 min/mi pace (or should this be under "The Bad" heading?).  Here is the breakdown:
1st 5k - 8.4 min/mile - a lot of downhill (and start of race exuberance)
2nd 5k - 10.2 min/mile - a lot of uphill
3rd 5k - 10.0 min/mile - a lot of hip soreness and fatigue
overall - 9.4 min/mile (last year was 9.5 min/mile)

Most of all, I enjoy running races because the people I get to run with are upbeat, committed and pushing it just like me.

The Bad
I ran in aqua socks because the temps were low and the pavement was wet (a perfect combo for blisters.)

My leg almost fell off.  After the first 10k, my hip got sore and I the pain radiated to my thigh and calf.  There was mental anguish comparing my left and right legs - If my left felt as good as my right, I would be unstoppable.  How will I fare in a marathon?  I got through this race O.K.  And I can still walk - the pain now is just the usual dull ache.  I'm a little worried.

Getting passed is never fun.  Since I started out fast, I got passed by all the 8.5 to 9.3 min/milers.  However, with this course, I think starting fast is a smart move because the second 5k is tough, and by the time you get to the 3rd 5k, you're just hanging on/working it.  To me, starting fast doesn't seem to thwart you in the end.

The Ugly
At mile 2.5 (+/-) the 500 of us were running 4 wide taking up one whole lane of Quick road.  I was trying to find my own pace, running on the edge at the center of the road.  The cars were passing us on the right in the other lane.  We were running in the correct lane, facing oncoming traffic.  Then, an asshole in a ford truck decided he was a traffic cop and straddled the center line, forcing all the runners to the left to avoid him.  He was waving from his comfort seat indicating that we were in his way and should move to let him through.  This race takes place once per year on this road and is an impediment to traffic for 1.5 hours at most.  I reacted as usual when confronted by a bully, and stood my ground (ran it actually.)  I was left of center, and pointing back to him to move to the other lane.  As the dick that he was, he stayed half in our lane, half in the other.  When he was a few feet in front of me, I dodged to the left to avoid his bumper.  I did not move enough to avoid his side rear view mirror.  I shoulder checked it and it collapsed - as it is designed to do (and I new that it would).  Mr. Dick decided to stop, jump out and berate me claiming that I hit his truck.  My responce? - You're a dick wad, fuck you, and you hit me, you bastard!!!  There were a few more dw's and fu's thrown out by me.  One of my fellow compatriots ahead of me turned around and came back in my defense.  He was equally peeved by the dick.  I regret that he probably lost 30 sec off his race time due to my actions.  I do not regret standing up to the bully dick. 

It turns out, he followed other runners ahead of me throughout the race while looking for me.  I had slowed by that time and found him waiting at mile 8.  What a dick!  Then he drove to the finish to wait for me there.  What a dick!  What did he hope to accomplish?  What a dickwad!  I wasn't worried as I had 500 runners on my side.  There is no reason for a person in a car to impose his presence over pedestrians with his car.  he wasted an hour and a half of his life for revenge?  What a dickwad!  I emphasize the dw word because he must have had an extra shot of testosterone today.  Was he returning with his son after church, feeling the wrath of God?

As my wife said, I need to be careful because I might get in trouble sometime.  She is right!  But, I WILL NOT BACK DOWN FROM A BULLY!  When we tolerate them, we all lose!  My only prayer is that the bullies don't have a concealed  license to carry - as is "our" states "preference."

Why is the ugly section bigger than the good?

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  1. You should have Gu'd his truck too. I once kicked the hell out of a Maserati that, well, got close enough for me to kick it. When the door opened, I figured it was time for some speedwork and got the hell out of dodge.