Friday, March 25, 2011

Home to Kent

I ran a nice 8.5 'er today from my house to Kent Roosevelt HS.  My niece had a lacrosse game, so I decided, it would be a perfect point to point run.  I ran without Pepper for the majority of the run since she has been limping after our long runs.  I'm not sure what's wrong, but I don't want to push it.  Jennifer and Pepper caught up to me in the car with about a mile to go, so Pepper got out to join me for the remainder.

The run was pleasant with a solid effort from me.  The sun was shining with a slight wind chilling in the open areas.  I ran city streets to water works, then the bike path to Kent city streets and the HS.  I'm fighting a cold that I caught this week while visiting my sister and B.I.L. in NJ.  They have two little ones who attend what she calls "a petri dish with a smile."  I hate to blame the little ones, but what are you going to do?

While in NJ, we visited Longwood Gardens.  That was a treat.  They have their orchid show this weekend, so the orchids were in bloom and on display on our Tuesday visit.  We walked the entire indoor and outdoor gardens.  What I would give for a few of their greenhouses.  The outside gardens were not in bloom, but it was interesting to see the layout and imagine the flora when in full bloom.  One note: they are NOT barefoot friendly.  One of the attendants told me to put on my shoes, and when queried, offered the reason was for my safety.  I asked if they had broken glass laying about, but he pointed to the wood mulch under the flowers and said it could cause injury.  I complied and noted the security guard he called following us to insure danger was avoided.  After leaving the indoor gardens, I promptly took off my shoes again and wandered about the outside gardens for a couple of hours free of incident and injury.  Status quo be damned.

Our NJ visit was filled with kids playing and smiling, long conversations, beer drinking, some running, cooking and eating.  You couldn't ask for a better vaca - unless it was on the beach and filled with the same.

Go Cavs!!

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